Rich Leach Senior Software Developer

Rich Leach
Software Developer
Donut Enthusiast

Rich Leach

Angular / CSS / Bootstrap / Javascript / Python / SQL

I'm a full stack software developer with over 20 years of experience in application design, development, QA and analysis. I built some great software with even greater companies, using a variety of technologies, technically and creatively.

Contact me if you have a project ramping up or need a resource for your team.


Portfolio: Bootstrap 4 - NEST

This is a simple one page SPA layout that I built....

Portfolio: Angular - Bootstrap 3.6

Angular application that I built with each natural page block as its own component, then included at run time via custom....

Portfolio: Angular Stock Ticker

One of several small apps that I built while I was learning to build Angular applications. A simple, one component application....

Portfolio: SCSS - Responsive

Another responsive front end design I built using HTML and SCSS....

Portfolio: CSS Grid template

I was working a contract where another developer had implemented a design using "fr" as a unit of measure, so I learned all about fractionals....

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