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React Basics: React Router

Use case: Your SPA needs links that, when clicked, work just like any web page would; the clicked link takes the user to that page. Or, more accurately, the clicked link causes the SPA to replace the current component with the clicked component.


If you put the React router Switch/Route code in the App.js file then the clicked link replaces the current component with the clicked component. (...vs putting the specific Switch/Route code on an interior component, thus displaying the clicked component onto the current component).

import React from "react"
import Header from "./components/Header"
import Footer from "./components/Footer"
import Home from "./pages/Home"
import Profile from "./pages/profile/Profile"
import Info from "./pages/profile/Info"
import Settings from "./pages/profile/Settings"  
//don't forget that you need to import the components 
//into the file containing the Switch/Route code

import {Switch, Route} from "react-router-dom"

function App() {    
    return (
        <Header />
            <Route exact path="/">
                <Home />
            <Route exact path="/profile">
                <Profile />
            <Route path="/profile/info">
            <Route path="/profile/settings">
        <Footer />

export default App