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Javascript Filter Method

Filter() takes your array values and "filters" out the desired (or not) values based on your criteria in your submitted function.

The filter() method creates an array filled with all array elements that pass a test (provided as a function). Note: filter() does not execute the function for array elements without values. Note: filter() does not change the original array.

USAGE: Copy and paste the code samples below into the Javascript console in your browser, then simply hit return on your keyboard to see the code in action.

const ages = 

const canDrink = ages.filter(function(age) {
	if(age >= 21){
	return true;	


const companies = [
	{name: "Company One", category: "Finance", 
    start: 1981, end: 2003},
	{name: "Company Two", category: "Retail", 
    start: 1992, end: 2008},
	{name: "Company Three", category: "Auto", 
    start: 1999, end: 2007},
	{name: "Company Four", category: "Retail", 
    start: 1989, end: 2010},
	{name: "Company Five", category: "Technology", 
    start: 2009, end: 2014},
	{name: "Company Six", category: "Finance", 
    start: 1987, end: 2010},
	{name: "Company Seven", category: "Auto", 
    start: 1986, end: 1996},
	{name: "Company Eight", category: "Technology", 
    start: 2011, end: 2016},
	{name: "Company Nine", category: "Retail", 
    start: 1981, end: 1989}

//what if you wanted to filter on Retail companies?
const retailCompanies = 
	if (company.category == 'Retail'){
		return true;

//using the forEach() method to loop through 
//the newly built retailCompanies array to 
//display only the company name

const myCos = companies.filter(
    company => company.category == 'Retail');