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Javascript Destructuring

An eas(ier) way to extract specific values from an array into a variable, you not-so-instinctively put the array laden variable on the right side of the equals sign. Works with objects too!

USAGE: Copy and paste the code samples below into the Javascript console in your browser, then simply hit return on your keyboard to see the code in action.

//Destructuring arrays
let numbers = [1, 2, 3];
// set the variable names on the left of the 
//equals sign; reference the array on the right
let [a, b] = numbers;

//use destructuring to swap variable 
//values from arrays all in one line
let a = 5;
let b = 10;
//swap var values here
[b, a] = [a, b];
console.log(a, b);

//destructuring using objects, 
//note the alias!
let obj = {
  name: "Rich",
  age: 39,
  greet() {
//when destructuring an object use 
//curly braces instead of brackets
let { name, greet: hello } = obj;