... so apparently, it wasn't enough to just learn Angular, and Javascript, a little Typescript.... Brush up on more Javascript - er, sorry, ECMAScript... Don't forget, you'll need some Vue.js - that's a hot skill (it was for about 3 months). But you have Node.js right?

And React!

ALL RIGHT! I'll just stay up late for another week and learn another Javascript library/framework/treasure map/easter egg hunt because I haven't seen my family in months anyway, my dog has forgotten what I look like and clearly:

and Node
and Typescript
and some Vue

...just weren't enough for today's job market.

So React MUST be the home run, right?!

The Hours Are Long But The Pay's Bad

Sure I complain a lot about having to always be learning the latest and greatest technologies but so far my stroll down the React path has been pretty cool. React seems pretty lightweight, not nearly as restricting as Angular but at the end of the day, everything gets compiled down to a Javascript object just like the rest of the libraries and frameworks....

Recently I discovered the site . A great place with lots of really good data about Javascript, all of its flavors, libraries, frameworks, tools and opinions. Clearly the data suggests that React adoption is on the way up, all across the internet. But take a look at the data and see for yourself, the site is almost hypnotic if you work with Javascript at all.

I've been utilizing my friend Mosh's courses to learn React and I have to say, the guy is an awesome teacher. If you need to learn Javascript, Node, Python, Angular or React, he's got a lot of good courses that you should check out. I've taken all of them and once you're finished you'll have a great reference and learning resource.

Like everything else on my site all of my code is in place so that I can easily grab it and go code - the most common snippets that I tend to use but often forget (or fat-finger). As always drop me a line with any suggestions, corrections, comments or good jokes.

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