I spent most of this past year working on various React tutorials, and since most folks with both React and Angular experience have adamantly convinced me to get into React because, well, 'once you go React you won't go back'. Turns out those folks were right, I enjoy working with React a lot more than Angular. Now before all of you Angular purists out there bomb my email account with hate mail, I don't not-like Angular; I just enjoy React more. It's probably more Javascript, less Typescript and having a virtual DOM working for you that I like best, but I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list....

Recently I discovered the site . A great place with lots of really good data about Javascript, all of its flavors, libraries, frameworks, tools and opinions. Clearly the data suggests that React adoption is on the way up, all across the internet. But take a look at the data and see for yourself, the site is almost hypnotic if you work with Javascript at all.

I've been utilizing my friend Mosh's courses to learn React and I have to say, the guy is an awesome teacher. Bang out a CRUD app in React fast with my buddy Reed, or any of the slew of React courses up on Udemy. Brad Traversy, Eric Greene and Maximillian all have some good training materials up there so see what a search turns up.

Like everything else on my site all of my code is in place so that I can easily grab it and go code - the most common snippets that I tend to use but often forget (or fat-finger). As always drop me a line with any suggestions, corrections, comments or good jokes.

React Basics - useMemo useCallback Hooks
React Basics - Custom Hooks
React Basics - Snippets 2
React Basics - Snippets 1
React Basics - Fetching Data
React Basics - Redux Overview
React Basics - Master - Drilldown
React Basics - React Router
React Basics - useContext Hook
React Basics - useEffect Hook
React Basics - useRef Hook
React Basics - useState Hook (With Forms)
React Basics - useState Hook
React Updating Todos
React Adding Todos
React Removing Todos
React Toggling Todos
React Context vs Props

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