Javascript Poker Hand Interview Question


JavaScript Poker Hand Interview Question

Being a contractor I interview a lot, and while I'd love to say that I "ace" every interview, I just don't. As a matter of fact I recently bombed one but good, and felt pretty bad about it. The interviewer gave me the following exercise:

This string is meant to represent a common poker hand:

"As 10c 9h 2d 10s"

...where there are 5 cards, space delimited. Each card's first character(s) is the rank and the last character is the card's suit (in this example, the card "10c" is the 10 of Clubs card; "As" is the Ace of Spades; "2d" is the 2 of Diamonds, etc.)
I had an hour to code a solution to where I would look at (loop over) the cards in my hand and determine if I had a pair, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, etc. If I had time I could then work on the cards suit(s) to look at determining flushes, full houses, etc.
My problem with this? I don't play poker, never have, and I think that caused a little anxiousness which I wasn't able to overcome during the interview (I didn't know what a "flush" was, even though there was some reference available.... I know, silly right?!) But in an interview - especially if the interview is for new(er) technology - you just feel that pressure a little bit more than usual. I was able to infer that of all the Javascript data structures that I wanted to use an object would work well, that I'd have to loop over and split the individual cards into rank/suit (but do it from the end of the card, since a card's rank could be 1 or 2 digits "As" (Ace of Spades - 2 digits) vs "10d" (10 of Diamonds - 3 digits)). In truth I actually got a fair amount of code down on the screen (that's another thing, they sat me right down in front of a computer, no white board or even scratch paper to stub out my logic.... I don't ever just sit down and start coding, it never ends well!)

In the end the company said "no thanks" and I don't blame them, but since I hate to lose I actually sat down and wrote out the solution. It ain't pretty, and it also took me over 2 hours but at least now I feel better about the solution and showed, if to nobody else but me, that I could write the code.

Copy and paste the code below into your browser's Javascript console.
//this is the "hand" we were dealt; the first letter/number is the card's rank, the 
//single letter is the card's suit (s=spades, c=clubs, h=hearts, d=diamonds)
const hand = 'As 10c Ah 2d 10s';

//have to split the string into an array...
const arrHand = hand.split(' ');

//declare a few variables (we'll fill these buckets in a second....)
let rank;
let suit;
let sortedHand = {};

const suits = arrHand.forEach(e => {
	//have to determine card length because of 1 and 2 digit ranks, but always
	//a one character suit
	let cardLength = e.length;
	if(cardLength == 2){
		var rank = e.slice(0,1); //using var on purpose so the variable is 
		//to our if/else below. Slicing based on 1 or 2 digit rank
	} else {
		var rank = e.slice(0,2);
		var suit = e.slice(-1); //we may need the suit later on....

	if(!sortedHand[rank]) { //if this card's rank isn't already in the hand, 
	//then add it to the sort
	else{ //if this card's rank IS already in the hand, add it on the end 
	//of that rank but pipe delimited

const showCards = Object.entries(sortedHand) //easier to loop through JS objects using 'entries'

showCards.forEach((c) => {//looping through each rank
	replaced=c[1].replace(/'|'/g, ', '); //replace the pipe with a comma for presentation
	cardCount=c[1].split('|'); //split up the rank if 2, 3 or 4 of a kind exists
	console.log(`The ${c[0]} card: ${cardCount} (${cardCount.length} of a kind)`); //output 
	//results to the screen

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