Remedy Laryngitis With Vocal Cord Massage

Hi this is Rich and today I'm sick with laryngitis, and up until just a few minutes ago I had lost my voice. I remembered working with a client years ago who was taking vocal lessons and he had come down with laryngitis and lost his voice too. He told me about a simple exercise that his vocal coach had instructed him to do, and wouldn't you know it, I tried it and it worked. Here's what you do if you lose your voice and want to remedy laryngitis. You need to massage your vocal cords, but how do you do that? Simply, hum with your mouth closed and bring the pitch of your voice very high and very low, repeating that for about a minute at a time. (You will sound like a foghorn and those around you who can hear you will laugh). Give it a try, rest your voice, keep drinking and don't force any speech until you get better. Since this was simply a case of a head cold that had irritated my vocal cords this simple exercise turned out to be a great remedy for laryngitis. By the way if you want to google some more information about this make sure you use the correct spelling, use "laryngitis" and not "laringitis". Also, try searching for "vocal cord" and not "vocal chord".




Rich Leach

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February 25, 2011, 2:43 PM
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